Liferay Portal

Liferay portal is an “enterprise open-source solution” for publishing Java portlets. The portlet itself is a software component created in Java language that follows Java Portlet API specifications. Therefore the portlet is a piece of software that are written using the defined API standard. Which on the other hand will guarantee that this software component […]


We used Liferay on Apache Tomcat, so it has to be installed first. Tomcat requires Java, but we did not want to use sun-jdk, mostly because of the fact that there are so many archives needed to download manually in order to install it on FreeBSD. We used java/diablo-jdk16 port, which required only to download […]

Development with NetBeans

Portlet development needs the following software installed: NetBeans IDE (obviously). The bundled Tomcat instance is not necessary since we must use the Liferay all-in-on package. Liferay all-in-one package with Tomcat included. NetBeans Portal Pack plugin for portlet development. Install NetBeans Download the NetBeans Java EE version from NetBeans site. The Install Apache Tomcat server option […]

Development with NetBeans (deprecated)

This guide was first written to explain how to use Liferay package with the Tomcat instance bundled with NetBeans. Unfortunately the auto-deployment required for rapid development did not work in this case. So this guide is left here as a reference how the bundled Tomcat application works, and how to enable Liferay portlet server on […]