Liferay Portal

Liferay portal is an “enterprise open-source solution” for publishing Java portlets. The portlet itself is a software component created in Java language that follows Java Portlet API specifications.
Therefore the portlet is a piece of software that are written using the defined API standard. Which on the other hand will guarantee that this software component can be deployed to any of the portal software (also called portlet container) that will also follow the same standard.
This means that all Java portlets written in Portlet API can be deployed and run on any of the portlet containers currently available. Liferay portal server is one example of those containers.
Currently two API versions exist:

The Liferay portal server supports both API versions.

Running The Software

Liferay runs on various enterprise Java platform (Java Servlet and JSP) servers. It cannot be run as a stand-alone solution. Therefore it is essential to get the basic server running first.
Liferay can be downloaded as a bundle that includes both the Liferay distribution and proper platform for running it (Tomcat, GlassFish etc.).
Since it might be desirable to run other servlets on the same server as well, we try to set up the bare Apache Tomcat instance first and then add the Liferay package to it. The installation steps are carried on FreeBSD platform.